One way I enjoyed relieving stress and getting back to good wholesome eating in 2009 was by gardening. I had not grown a vegetable garden in about 8 years, and my husband decided it would be a good thing to do last spring. So, we carefully laid out our plan.

A small 10×20 patch that he tilled and tilled and tilled to break up the hard soil. Then a few hours of weed pulling and mixing in bags of soil from the local Home Depot. I was seeing quickly that this was no small project as our hard Texas soil need much TLC.

Finally, the preparation was complete and it was time to hoe the rows and make the mounds. OUCH! Talk about back breaking labor! I was trying to smile – but this “nice relaxing garden” was taking some back breaking labor!

After the season was complete, and all our harvesting was over I decided that there must be an easier way to get the same results. EUREKA! I found it!!

There is a thing called a Garden Rack that brings the garden up to waist level. It can actually be built to even accommodate someone in a wheelchair. I am SOO excited!! This will be our building project this Fall and Winter! YES, I realize that it isn’t going to be as large as a 10×20 garden. BUT, we also realized that with 2 of us, and my parents, a 10×20 garden yielded WAY too much harvest. At one point, I thought I was going to have to be the Ninja Squash woman and leave bags of squash on unsuspecting neighbors porches.

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