For Things to Change We Have to Change

It’s a quote I was reminded of lately by Jim Rohn. But simultaneously when I heard that quote I thought of a little quote may dad started using years ago.

“The only one that likes change is a wet baby”

It’s a stark reality that some folks, including myself, have to face. If you don’t like your situation, but you don’t take any steps to change the situation – guess what. It’s not going to change. Now, I’m not discounting a miraculous change from our Higher Power happening. I saw that miracle happen in a young drug addicts life, instantly. During the night she was delivered from drugs and in her right mind.

But, most of us are not going to have an instant miracle happen. We aren’t, because we are our own Free Will and God lets us choose our life and our paths.

However, I’m not against “self-made” miracles. I’m talking about change. Steps to change. It can be a wonderful journey. And it can be a painful yet joyous one.

So, let’s think about that wet baby that WANTS change. And let’s say YOU have come to a point in your life that you are ready for change.

What do you do?

It’s two simple words.

Self Development

I’m not talking about “positive thinking” and “oooh sahhhh”. But, I am learning about LEARNING how to shift your thinking. Shift your actions. Shift your thoughts from negative to positive. I’m talking about shifting your life. Developing yourself with the knowledge and skills to …CHANGE.

I’m preparing you – myself- for a 30-day journey newsletter to change and I hope it can be a blessing to you and to others who are ready for a change as well.

Get ready to begin the journey!

In the mean time – commit in your heart…

“Yes, I, _____ (your name) am ready for personal change in my life!”

Until tomorrow! Get ready for CHANGE!  Oh, and you will read about the butterfly tomorrow!

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