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I watched a ” Charlie Brown Christmas” last night!  I haven’t watched it in years since our son became a teenager (and has since moved off for college and started a life of his own).

Ever since the show ended, a thought has been nagging at me.   Why did the Peanuts Gang follow Charlie Brown?  They did nothing but make fun of him (as they do in all the shows and comic strips.)   So why, when he went walking out of the auditorium with that little Christmas tree did the kids march right out with him?

I found a blog post over at blogspot called Leadership Theory and Behavior.

One of the students of the class posted his thoughts about Charlie Brown’s Leadership.  A leadership that doesn’t fit the usual mold.

A leadership of Integrity.  As a business builder – you may not have all the answers about your MLM.  You may not be the highest earner in your sponsors leg.  You may have many “may nots and have nots”.   But I can guarantee you.   If you have Integrity, you will step high, and be far and above the masses and the crowds.

I hope you enjoy the golden nugget I found in Charlie Brown’s Leadership.

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