Are You Up For A Challenge

Challenges Feed Growth

I know, you are probably thinking to yourself that you are already facing enough challenges right now.

Let’s face it mom, you are surviving some new challenges in your life right now with the kids flying the coop.

But, the great thing is that every challenge enables you to grow.  Even as your children faced challenges growing up and it stretched them into becoming the great human beings they are now….Your new challenges will do the same for you!

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I’ve decided to challenge myself for the next few weeks to do more videos for this website. It’s a two-fold purpose. I want to become more comfortable with video and I would like the videos to serve as an avenue to help you as empty nest moms.

It’s time to embrace this fun time of your life and I hope to share with you some tools and ideas to help you ReDesign and RePurpose your life now that the kids have flown the coop.

That may mean stretching yourself into some new challenges!

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