365 Ways to Connect With Your Soul-Author Interview Part 1

I was so blessed and honored to be a co-author in the book “365 Ways to Connect With Your Soul” which recently launched on Amazon.

There were over 200 collaborating authors including bestselling authors Arielle Ford, Peggy McColl, Christy Whitman, and Carol Tuttle.

This new book contains one tip for each day of the year.  In my piece “Unshackle the Golden Handcuffs” I shared how I took a huge leap of faith in quitting my full time job in order to rest, rejuvenate and reconnect with myself.

The master minds and soul connectors are Jodi and Dan.


365 Ways to Connect With Your Soul

Jodi Chapman & Dan Teck are the husband and wife team behind the bestselling Soulful Journals Series as well as numerous ecourses. Jodi is the author of the inspirational blog, Soul

Speak. Dan is the author of the personal-growth blog, Halfway up the Mountain. This is their first book in the 365 Book Series: collaborative books with soul.

They live in Oregon with their sweet cats. They enjoy hanging out at the beach and working, creating, and playing together.

Here’s a little behind the scenes interview with them! Enjoy!

For those who are meeting you two for the first time, please tell us more about yourselves and your journey.

First of all, we’d like to say just how grateful we are to have connected with you! We love connecting with people who are also looking for a deeper, more soulful experience of life.

It’s a pleasure to be sharing this journey with so many others who are listening to and following their souls’ whispers in such loving
ways. Welcome! 🙂
We’re a happily married couple who live in Oregon with our three cats.
We work together from home writing spiritual books and blogs, creating personal-growth ecourses, connecting with soulful communities, and enjoying our lives together. We also love walking on the beach, singing, watching Abraham DVDs, and playing backgammon.

Life hasn’t always been so soulful, loving, or fun for us, though. We’ve both had our share of dead-end jobs (many of which involved cubicles), unsatisfying relationships, and periods of spiritual skepticism and dissatisfaction. But we always felt that there was something more – something deeper, more meaningful, and more loving. A big part of our life-puzzle was completed when we met, but in some ways our journey was just beginning.

Shortly after we got married in 2004, we decided to quit our jobs and start a handmade gift company. To be honest, our initial motivation was to be together as much as possible! But over the years, we found that our business also enabled us to inspire, to connect deeply with others, and to share our own souls in creative ways. This began in small ways, such as adding original affirmations and writing prompts to our handmade journals, which led to the Soulful Journals series. The positive response to these books inspired us to do even more soulful writing – which we’ve continued through our blogs, ecourses, communities, and now our first collaborative book.

Can you tell us about this book?

We’d love to! It’s called 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul, and that’s exactly what it contains: one tip for each day of the year about how you can connect with that deeper part of you – that pure, loving part that’s connected to All That Is. The pieces are contributed by over 200 authors from all around the world, sharing their favorite ways to connect with their own souls with the hopes that it will help you connect with yours as well. They cover a wide range of techniques and topics – including meditation, creativity, gratitude, self-care, and so
much more.

One of the nice things about all the techniques shared in this book is that they help make connecting with your soul easy and fun! They’re also great for anybody – whether you’re feeling disconnected and are looking for loving ways to plug back into your soul, or if you’re already plugged in and want to deepen your connection.

What inspired you to create this book?

It started in perhaps the least likely way – by doing our taxes! In the midst of going throughthe endless stacks of paper and methodically entering each item into a spreadsheet, we came across a receipt from several years back. We pulled it out of the pile – wondering how it ended up there. We were just about to toss it aside and get back to the taxes when we noticed something scribbled on the back. It turned out to be a seedling for this book idea! Before going to sleep that night, we asked for more clarity regarding our next step, and this
fully formed book idea popped in immediately upon waking. We were so excited about it but weren’t sure if anyone else would be. But we felt such a strong calling that we decided to let our soul lead the way – and we began sharing our idea. Almost immediately the first contributors started signing up, and before long over 200 others had joined us.
We were absolutely elated that others shared in this vision!
This book has been surrounded by loving energy right from the start, and it’s turned into much more than just a book – it’s a loving, supportive, soulful community. We’ve held classes, workshops, Facebook parties, and connected with one another in so many beautiful ways.

This concludes Part 1 of the Interview with the Authors. Check back tomorrow for Part 2!

If you are interested in purchasing 365 Ways to Connect With Your Soul be sure to purchase on Amazon and then follow the instructions there to claim the 100 Bonus Gifts, including one from me!


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