The Pursuit of Happyness

I was enjoying a bit of reading today at Dr. Shannon’s website and her article of Making Happiness a Habit.

I am in control of my Happiness.  It is I that chooses whether to be happy.

Have you ever driven by a field of horses or cattle on a cold, blustery day?   They do something instinctively.  They turn their rumps to the wind and sit out the storm of weather.  They don’t let the cold and wind discourage them.  They don’t move.  They wait.

Can you imagine what they must be thinking about?  A nice bale of fresh hay.  A patch of green, luscious grass.  A nice grooming perhaps?

While thinking about this topic I was reminded of one of my favorite movies, “The Sound of Music.” One of the songs performed is “My Favorite Things”.  The character, Maria, does a “choice of happiness” as well.  When things are bad and not going her way, she dwells on the good things that make her happy.


Here’s to happiness and what you choose to do with it!


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