The History of Crayons and Life

While riding to the office this morning, this thought hit me…and I began a little Google research on my smart phone.


SO, the more I read the more I think what in the world is this WORLD coming to. And then I thought about it.

My grand parents grew up in a “black and white, 8 crayola crayons in a box” world.

My parent’s generation grew up in the technicolor generation with 40 color of crayola crayons.

My generation grew up in 3D and fluorescent colors being added to the box of crayolas.Our son was raised in Animation technology and 80 colors added to the box of crayola crayons.

And now our grand baby is going to be raised in an HD world with 120 crayola colors.

So, I think I’ve figured out the solution.

Crayola needs to quit inventing colors for the crayon box.

For more interesting facts about the history of each color and when it was added to the box
Make it a colorful world!

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