Refeathering The Empty Nest

Well, the house is semi-clean (although it’s always a work in progress).

Some major house renovations were successfully finished.

And now that the first grandchild is on the way, I think I can truly say at this point in my life….

I have survived, adjusted to and now thrive in “The Empty Nest”.

It was sometimes a wild and crazy ride and many of my struggles I kept to myself and to the
written words of my various journals, diaries and sticky notes.

But, it’s time now to gather all my notes and begin sharing with others the tools, path and journey I enjoyed through creative writing. Hopefully it will help some other mom (or dad) as they travel the same road!

Together we will learn to preserve the past, prepare for the present and plan for the future! There will be lots of feathers flying here as we Re-Feather The Nest!

Kim Steadman is Director of Rat Race Be Gone, the Empty Nester’s portal to using creative writing as a tool to overcome The Empty Nest Syndrome. Kim can be found on Twitter at @kimsteadman1 and on Google+ at +Kim.

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