Journaling To Jesus

How to have meaningful time with God through journaling

Journaling to Jesus is a prayer and study practice that has been growing in popularity in recent years. But, I’ve enjoyed my journal to Jesus since I was a teenage girl, many moons ago. This form of journaling can be as easy or as involved as you want it to be. It’s your time of personal and spiritual growth, and yes…fun.

It can involve different aspects such as journal prompts, prayer prompts, scripture study prompts, writing letters to God as a way to communicate thoughts, feelings, and prayers in a more personal and intimate manner. Many people find that journaling to Jesus helps them deepen their relationship with God, reflect on their faith journey, and find peace and clarity in their lives. I know it’s helped me do all those things and more.

If you’ll allow me, I would like to share with you one of the formats I use. There are so many ways to Journal to Jesus. Whether you are a seasoned believer looking to deepen your faith or someone curious about trying a new spiritual practice, journaling to Jesus may be the perfect way to connect with God on a deeper level and experience His presence in a tangible way.

There is a basic outline I follow:

Start with prayer. Ask God to be with you during your journaling time and that you would draw close to him as you grow in the Word and Biblical principles. Ask Him to use your journaling time to discover more about yourself, and Him.

Be Prepared. Gather all your materials in your designated place. Set the mood with praise music, or the quiet of your private time. Most important is to be someplace where you can enjoy your time with God. Gather your journal, any pens or markers, and any other books you may need. I like to have a concordance or my phone with my study apps.

Enjoy the time. Use the time to write or draw what comes to mind. Don’t worry about spelling. You can study a scripture, but don’t allow yourself to get stressed about the time, worry about comparing yourself to great Bible scholars, or allow feelings of insecurities about not “knowing” the Bible to stop you. This is a time between you and Jesus. That’s all.

Keep it simple, or not. I enter my journaling time with no expectations. That way, if it’s a simple time of journaling I’m okay with that. However, if I like to go deeper and longer, I do!

Grow in the practice. Your journal time is never finished, never perfect, and always growing!

As you finish up your journaling time for the day and If you’ve used a scripture for your basis…

Answer some deeper in the word journal prompts:

1. Who is the author writing to? How can I relate to this person or people?

2. Did I learn something I can praise God for?

3. How does this scripture speak to me?

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