Leadership Burning – The Heart- The Bush- The House

At some point in time, we are all called to be leaders. We may not want to acknowledge it. But we are. We are called to lead our family, a business, a group, an organization, a committee, a team…so many possibilities.

The call to leadership can come from many directions. But I like the three examples that Laurie Beth Jones explains in her book “Jesus, CEO”. The are found in the Old Testament. We are called to leadership by either the burning heart, the burning bush, or the burning house.

“The burning heart is the kind of call that David had. He said “I’ll go fight the giant! It isn’t right that our people should tremble in their tents at his insults”. I’m personally convinced that David HAD to have some Texas gumption in him! He was the little guy inexperienced in battle. He didn’t even have the proper gear and armor to GO into battle. But he took what he had and went. And he conquered! God honored his Faith and Action!

“The burning bush is the kind of call that Moses had. It is a surprise approach to getting someone’s attention. As you recall, Moses was called to leadership by seeing a miraculous burning bush.” Moses wasn’t asking for leadership either. He was just going about his daily routine when a miracle popped in front of his eyes. BOOM. He was a leader.

“The burning house is the kind of call to leadership that Queen Esther had. Esther, concealing her identity as a Jew had become the honored and favorite wife of a king.” This was one of my favorite Bible stories as a young girl. She won a beauty contest and became the new queen. The favorite queen! “The king became tipsy one night and allowed a devious and conniving advisor to declare that all the Jews should be killed. Esther’s uncle heard of the plan and found her to tell her of the plan. He instructed her that SHE would have to be the one to come up with a plan to stop the atrocity. The end of the story – Esther became a legendary leader among the Jews. She became a leader when her house was burning down”.

What type of leadership call have you experienced?

Have you surprised yourself and others with your leadership skills?

I encourage you to have faith in yourself to be and to become a leader!

You CAN do it! And it just may happen when you least expect it!

Wishing for you to have OODLES of success!

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