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I’ve been evaluating my blog lately.  Is there too much white space?  Should I have more color?  Too much banner?  Not enough?  Is it reader friendly?  Are my posts substantial enough?  Am I offering value to anyone who stumbles upon my website?

That’s only a small part of the list.

Yes, I am a worrier.  I want my blog to be attractive.  Call me vain!  Oh, who are we kidding?  We all are a visual society.  We linger at the beautiful rose. Who stares at wilted petals?  I don’t!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that a blog is only about the looks.  Remember what Mother said?  ” Beauty is only skin deep, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.”

Here’s what I think makes a blog sexy:

  1. Thoughtful and researched content. You may spend the time writing yourself.  If you want to reference another blog, at least give a good synopsis of the content you are referencing.
  2. Find your niche or topic and stay focused. It may take you a while to find that niche. But try to keep some consistency.  An article about ped care one day, a vitamin supplement the other day, and then a hotel review the next is a little broad.
  3. Update your content regularly.  At least three times a week is considered a good basic guideline.  If you can post more quality content than that – go for it!
  4. Give your navigation menu top priority.  Either on the top of the page, or the first section on the side bar.  Don’t leave folks questioning “where do I go next?”
  5. About me page is a MUST. Don’t ever ever leave this blank!  If folks can’t connect with you by learning about you then you can forget about them ever learning to really trust you.
  6. Contact form easily found on your page. Don’t you want a way to connect with someone?  Your contact form is that avenue!  You want this in the first part of your page.  It’s called the crease (from the old newspaper days).  It’s the area before they have to use the scroll bar to scroll down further.
  7. Form, link or linked button for subscribing to your RSS by email, connection to Facebook, Twitter and any other Social Media, also above the crease.
  8. A theme appropriate and spaciously organized template with an eye friendly color template.  Black background with white letters may be eye popping at first.  But to sit and read for a length of time will drive your reader zonkers!
  9. If you are going to use Advertising blocks make sure they are neatly arranged.  I warn against a blog page that looks like the main strip of Vegas.
  10. Widgets are COOL!  Widgets are FUN! But, remember, unless your page is all about FUN you need to keep widgets narrowed down to the ones that add true function and value to your website.

(( Thanks to Blogs with Wings for guiding me with their quality content!  You put my thoughts and fears and questions to rest!!))

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  • Blog Angel a.k.a. Joella


    Thanks so much for the pingback and the oh so kind words. Blogs With Wings exists to try and help bloggers find their way. And if I have in some small way helped you do that, then I feel I have truly accomplished something.

    If you ever need a hand with something let me know. If you’d like to suggest a topic for post, have a question you need answered or would like to guest post on Blogs With Wings, please contact me and let me know. And don’t forget the next edition of the BWW Blog Carnival is Oct. 04/10. Plenty of time for you come up with a great post.

  • Kim

    Hi Joella! Thank YOU for stopping by! It’s so wonderful to meet the “angel” behind the Angel! You are so helpful!

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