Build Your Business with Consistency

As many of YOU as well, I work a 9-5 job (which is really a 7a – 4:30 job)
and while some businesses are experiencing a downturn – the
company I work for is NOT.   Recycling is a BOOM
right now (so um, ya, go buy that new computer but remember
to recycle responsibly  =)

It’s insanely BUSY right now – and SUMMER is suppose to be
a slow down in that industry, lol.

I think we can say for the MLM business as well?  Folks ARE looking
to diversify their incomes.  They are looking for a Plan B, and HECK,
some are looking for a Plan C or D as WELL.

Just encourage you to KEEP making connections.  Build relationships.
That person on a forum that you connect with about a recipe swap
(and learns to know you and trust) just MAY become a business
partner at some time!   We are learning from the best to
BUILD RELATIONSHIPS.  You may see immediate responses.
It may take a while.
BUT, as WE have been trained and the words by now should
be ingrained in our brains, embedded on our foreheads, AND
repetitive with our actions….

Just like when baking a cake, or making brownies or a cheesecake
Mixed to the correct consistency it’s GREAT.
Don’t do it right and you can have lumps and bubbles or it
may be too hard.

If  you don’t know about a consistency plan, watch about it!


SO, GO mix it up!

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