Transition: Writing Journal About Ending and Beginning

Hello Sister in Christ!

Inside, you love your life, and your loved ones. You’re just not thrilled about the changes going on right now.

I know how you feel.

I’m Kim Steadman. I hear you and I understand you.

I’ve been there.  I’m there right now!

I’ve had my fair share of life changes, beginnings and endings. Before I learned to merge my creative writing with my Faith to help me over the hurdles, I was an emotional wreck. But by diving deeper into God’s words and encouraging myself to write about my troubled heart, I found relief.

The audience I serve …

  • Women whose nests are emptying as grown children start to live their adult lives.
  • Women who are sandwiched between taking care of their kids while caring for aging parents.
  • Women who are transitioning from youth to the wisdom years.
  • Women whose hearts long for deeper connections with God as they navigate the big ocean of life. 
  • Women who do love words and writing but don’t know how to start or want new ideas.
  • Women who want to learn to journal in meaningful ways besides a quick 2-line entry in a diary or an online app.

Do you relate? Do you see yourself in any of these descriptions?

You know what I found? The one common thread to all these scenarios is “life is full of changes, beginnings and endings.” They are all around me in the seasons, in nature, and even in books. 

‘The measure of intelligence is the ability to change’

-Albert Einstein

Transition Journal: Beginnings and Endings is a result of my quiet time as I studied, explored and learned to navigate transitions with a hope and expectation rather than letting fear and fret rule over my heart.

No matter where you are in your transitions in life, there’s a common theme..

  • You’ve been through changes before, and you will survive this time as well. This one looms large because it’s near you now.
  • Change is a part of life, and when you learn to see it all around you, it seems less scary.
  • As a daughter of your Heavenly Father, you are never doing life alone. He is with you.

You’re wondering how to confidently navigate your life challenge?  Here’s what helps me…

  • Personal Prayer
  • Studying Scripture
  • Writing in my Journal

In this journal, I take you on a word writing, scripture studying, and personal prayer experience to help you grow in grace and faith. As you deepen your knowledge, I know you’ll find peace to navigate these waters. 

The Transition Journal: Beginnings and Endings is a gift as a new email pal!

This instant download printable contains: 

  • 3 Guided Prayers
  • A scripture list to help you dig deeper into the Bible along with application prompts to help you apply what you learn. 
  • 20 Journal and Writing prompts with space to write to encourage deep thought about beginnings and endings.
  • 3 printable stationary or journal sheets
  • 4 inspirational wall art or journal pieces
  • 1 coloring page

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