Encouraged Writer Reset

The 21-Day Email Retreat / Life Coaching in Your Inbox to help you reset your mindset, boost your writer’s attitude, and unlock your author journey potential.Are you ready to believe in your true worth, as an individual and as a writer as much as I BELIEVE IN YOU?

You’re probably nodding your head because you doubt your value as a writer. Maybe you feel you aren’t good enough to write your words – your book, your blog, your article.

Perhaps you have a lot of self-talk and mind chatter like, “I am not an expert in this topic,” or “No one will seriously consider me a serious writer.”

Are you tired of the weight of all that negative self-talk?

I want to invite you to take part the popular email writing retreat, Encouraged Writer Reset. 

It’s my transformative 21-day email series designed specifically for authors who are seeking to enhance their writer mindset and make a significant impact in the world. This thoughtfully crafted program focuses on helping writers reset their thought patterns, take consistent action, and develop a positive mindset toward their writing journey.

I last offered this reset two years ago. But, it’s been a popular request. 

Throughout the series, you’ll receive daily emails filled with specifically curated journal prompts, practical tips, motivational messages, and my Word Shepherdess advice on overcoming common writing challenges, reframing your self-doubt, and finding inspiration within yourself. Each day brings a new theme, building a framework for personal growth and development as a writer.

You don’t want to miss the deep introspection and reflection. By addressing any of your negative feelings and adopting nurturing self-talk, you’ll develop a renewed sense of confidence and belief in your writing talents.

This is a full 21-days of daily prompts You’ll also be invited to share in the private Facebook group as well where all the magic happened the last time I did this.

Your reset will lead to a profound transformation as you approach your writing. You’ll gain valuable insights about yourself and your readers, plus gain a strong writing routine through the process. 

This 21-day experience is NOT about:

  • Learning writing techniques
  • A critique group
  • A place to brainstorm book ideas, character development, or cover choices

This is about the heart, mind, and soul of your writing world.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much time commitment is needed? How much time do I need daily? On average, you’ll need about 15-20 minutes a day for this. I encourage you to make this commitment to yourself and block time on your calendar.

What’s your refund policy? Sorry, but The Encouraged Writer Reset is non-refundable. When you join, I expect you to commit to your reset. I believe in what I teach because I’ve seen writers over the years have personal breakthroughs. Please take it seriously. You’ll have my support and encouragement through the process, but it’s your responsibility to take the daily action.

You don’t want to miss out on the transformative 21 days of homework sent directly to your email inbox!

How much is this experience?