Drink upstream from the herd

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Texas Wisdom

Always drink upstream from the herd.

Back when cattle was moved across country by cattle drives  the ultimate goal was to be able to make camp by  a stream.  All the livestock could drink, the cowboys wash up a bit, the cook could clean the pans he had been scrubbing with salt or sand.  Water was a good thing.

But, remember those cattle were not housebroken.  So while they were drinking in the stream, if they felt the urge to “go”, they WENT.  Right in the water!  I know, NOT a pleasant thought!

It’s not very hard to figure out.  If you wanted REALLY clean water, you needed to move upstream from where the cattle were drinking!  If you weren’t far enough away, your water would be tainted. Again, not really a pleasant thought.

Now, think about it.

Isn’t that how it is in life?

You get excited about a new goal, a new dream, a new action.  And you share it with someone.

You can expect three reactions.  Either they won’t care and comment, or they comment and support you, or they comment and dash your dreams to the ground. They are full of negative comments, doubt, pessimism, and the lack of support is definite.

In other words, they just pooped in your stream!

It’s bad enough to self sabotage yourself, but you sure don’t need “friends” and family sabotaging you as well!

It’s very important, fill your head with positive thoughts.  I’m not a “positive thinking” guru, but I do know from experience if  I go around saying “I can’t do this” over and over – the result is no surprise.  I don’t accomplish it.  Saying those words “I can’t” is like pooping in your own stream!  It taints and ruins your results.

So, Texas Wisdom today – move camp.  Get up stream from the negative.   Fill your head with the “I CAN DO IT”!

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