• Yoda can help you build your home business

    Have you ever seen the movie Star Wars? I won’t get into the long story line but will give you my short and sweet version. Yoda was a teacher. He had a famous line. “Do, or do not. There is no try.” -Yoda So you have your home business. It doesn’t matter what you are going to do. The key word is DO. Or Do not. Don’t just say you will “TRY”. Try is another of the danger words! Better to get out there and DO, and maybe fail…. Than to say “try” because TRY is usually a procrastination word that leads to not DOING anything! Remember! DO!

  • You can’t do this

    A little piece of wisdom goes a long way. ” Do or Do Not , There is no try”. That was quote by Yoda, a short of stature character in the movie Star Wars Did you know that movie was suppose to be a failure? Universal didn’t want the movie because they thought it was silly. The other studios passed on it as well until 20th Century Fox decided to take a gamble. It was a good gamble, wouldn’t you say? I read an article by Randy Gage and he pointed out that to say you will “try” something is only setting you up for failure. You’ve already allowed yourself…