The power of words

A dear friend sent me an email last week.

The email contained information about Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist who believes that
positive words have power.

The study he conducted involved exposing water droplets to various words, music and environments. Then, he froze them for three hours after which he examined the crystal formations under a special microscope. And the photographed them.

The results are amazing.

A water droplet without any prayer sort of looked like a blob. A water droplet with prayer looked like
what we usually see as a snowflake.
The same happened when the water was exposed to heavy metal music. It looked frazzled. Whereas a water droplet exposed to classical music looked like fluffy and pristine snowflake.
It wasn’t only for water.

Dr. Emoto also experimented with cooked rice.
He placed one cup of cooked rice in two airtight jars. On one jar, he wrote, “I love you,” and on the other, “You fool.” Everyday for 30 days, Dr. Emoto would say these words to each jar of rice.
After 30 days, the “I love you” rice was still white. But the “You fool” rice was so rotten, it was black.

How is this explained? Some google research says his study is a farce.

But, I know that I’ve read that dairy farmers play classical music in the milking barns to keep the cows calm.
I know they say, and I did it, to play classical and gentle music to your child while still in the womb.

I also know that the bible says in Proverbs 25:11 that” A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.”

So, with our body being made up 72% of water imagine how your own words affect your body.
When you say, “I’m a failure,” or “I’m hopeless,” or “I won’t get well,” or “I can’t do this” imagine how these words weaken your health and your mind.
Make a choice to say the best words out there. Say often, “I’m wonderful,” “I’m beautiful,” “I’m God’s child,” and “God has a great plan for my life!” and “I CAN do this!”

Be blessed and let goodness reign in your life!

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