Painting Life with Connected Brush Strokes

Painting Life – the brush strokes are all connected….
Life is Like a Painting

There WILL be some days that are thorny. Life is NOT a bed of beautiful roses all the time. The thing is, we so many times not only think it WILL be perfect, and we expect perfect…When the tough times come we get mad and disappointed and THEN feel bad or disappointed in ourselves for FEELING that emotion…..

Well, DON’T. Having those emotions are very real and natural and a way that God made us. Stuffing in your emotions can actually LEAD to illness.

If you don’t think it’s ‘good’ to express your true emotions or it makes you less of a good person or less of a Christian…

Just consider David….read his Psalms where expresses his emotions of fear and anger in his songs. His joy and love. Remembering that Psalms were actually SONGS that were sung not only by him, the author, but others that memorized them and sang them too.

David didn’t understand every thing in his life either……oh, but later….later he understood…..

Painting Life

It’s like looking at a painting. If you look CLOSE all you see is the brush stroke and that is how we usually are looking at our day to day activities. We look closely. But, step back…

Look at the entire plan. We really CAN’T right now, because we aren’t at the ‘end’ on the other side of Heaven. Only THEN will be step back, as if viewing life’s art gallery, and look at OUR picture.
We will not only SEE our LIFE as beautiful painting and see how each stroke was a significant part of the picture….
BUT, OUR life is part of a huge panoramic VIEW of the entire world. Our life touches others. Our life IMPACTS others.

The words we say, the acts we do are painting brush strokes ONTO their life. .

Every act we do and word we say is two-fold. It’s painting the picture of not only your life, but you are part of painting someone else’s life too. You don’t hold their brush…but you impact HOW they paint their life. What stroke they take. Do they , do YOU, sling the paint at random, or do you take careful consideration where the paint goes.

I say all this to truly say….it’s OK to have that “Terrible, horrible, awful” day…..but don’t dwell on it too long….Experience the emotions that you need to heal…..

And then embrace the brush stroke

Hugs and feathers from the nest~~()~~


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