30 Day Gratitude Challenge

Back in December I truly became burdened to be more of an example of Gratitude.  This was fire was an ember when I spoke to a young lady regarding some things going on in her life.

It was then that I really started quoting my phrase more often “An Attitude of Gratitude Will Lift Your Altitude”.  I realized that if that young lady could still smile through her heart aches and heart breaks, I needed to practice MY gratitude to a higher level.

Recently, a friend challenged several of her Facebook friends to accept the 30 Day Gratitude Challenge. 

And I did.

If you haven’t heard of it, it is simply take 30 days.  Take 30 people to whom you are grateful for.  Send them a card – 1 each day.

The journey in this challenge has been amazing.  I find myself each morning thinking not of the challenges of the day, but of who will be the recipient and planning which card I will send them from my card system.


Living a life of Gratitude can truly make a difference in your life and can make you a happier person.

It reminds you of what truly is important.  When a friend is going through a life threatening disease with grace and composure, it reminds you to be thankful that your family is healthy.

It reminds you to take the bad things and make them good.  Things going bad at work?  Be grateful you have a job?  The storm did damage to your home?  Be thankful you have a home.  The hotel mess up your reservation on vacation?  Be grateful you have the opportunity to take a vacation, much less stay in a hotel.

It reminds you of what is truly important in life.  It’s always been said that our kids will very rarely remember what things we give them at all the birthday parties and Christmas gatherings.  But they will remember how we make them feel.  It is not in what things we give, but in what feelings we invoke that people will remember us for.

It reminds you to express thankfulness to others. Saying the words “thank you” to others can truly make a huge difference in their life.  Years ago my husband and I began the practice to say ‘thank you’ and address store clerks by their name on their badge.  We have witnessed even the most sour and down in the mouth clerk completely change in less than 15 seconds by the simple expression of gratitude for their work. Combine that with thanking people you know and taking a minute to express gratitude to old and new friends can help you to make a difference in others lives in such a simple way.  It costs so little, but reaps such huge rewards and help your spirits to soar.


I truly hope you can find the path to expressing Gratitude to others.


“An Attitude of Gratitude Will Lift Your Altitude”





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