What’s today’s headline in your head?

Renew your mind
Today’s Headline! Breaking News! I’m going to make it!

That’s a refreshing headline to read, isn’t it?

When’s the last time you saw happy and uplifting headlines like:

I’m Blessed!

Things are working for my good!

All is well!

I’m learning new things!

I got this!

You just don’t see headlines like that, do you? Everywhere you turn there are outlandish headlines meant to do nothing but turn your head and get a reaction. Of course, they also want you to click and read more.

Does what happens to me happen to you? You click the article based on the headline. After reading it, you realize the article has no shadow or thread connecting it to the headline. That’s what they call a sensationalized headline. It’s meant to draw on your emotions and to get you to click and continue reading. It’s a ploy used by some sneaky editors.

They try to get you onto the page and then stay on the page. There may or may not be a shred of truth in the article. The really sneaky editors don’t care about the ‘news’. They care about you staying in their internet real estate zone. They want you to click some of the ads or other headlines and sink further into their muck and mire of half-truths and garbage.

The enemy, Satan, tries to be a just like a sneaky editor. He loves for you to put headlines on your day or life. He wants you to take the bait and then get stuck on the page of Negative Thoughts. He wants you to put that headline over your life. He wants you to repeat that headline to others in hopes that it will further ‘validate’ your title.

Stinking Thinking Headlines

Headlines like:

I’m a victim!

I’m stressed!

I’m sick!

I’m not good enough!

I’m poor!

I’m not worthy!

I’m fat and ugly!

Guess what ladies? The more you repeat a headline, you’ll make it a reality.

That’s how our brains and bodies are wired. Think long enough about being sick, and you really do alter the state of your cells. You WILL become sick.

Scripture says in Romans 12:2 “Don’t be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what is the good, well-pleasing, and perfect will of God.”

Transform your mind, don't be conformed to the world, renew your mind

The word conformed means the outward shape or taking on the same pattern. I recently had the joy of spending time with our grandson and we played with play-dough. He loved patting it out and then using his ‘slicer’ to slice off chunks. Me? I played with some little cookie cutters. I pressed out the dough and then took the cookie cutter to press out an image. I conformed the play-dough to look like the image of the cookie cutter.

The earthly world tends to lean on the dark side. It’s a constant battle to let our light shine, because darkness doesn’t like the light. That means we do have to work on not conforming to the darkness.

But there is hope! God has given us step we need to do to not conform.

It’s to be transformed by the renewing of our mind!

Be transformed by the renewing of your mind

Transformed comes from the Greek word metamorphoo. Our word metamorphosis comes from that same root word. You remember your grade school science? Metamorphosis the process a little caterpillar goes through to become the beautiful butterfly. It’s also how a tadpole changes into a frog. Metamorphoo means transfigured – taking on a new figure.

God tells us in his word that we can transfigure our mind. Our mind is our God given capacity to think, reason, and do our reflective thinking. There is the key – reflective thinking.

But Kim, you say, “I don’t need to transfigure my mind!”

Here’s a little known fact. Recent scientific evidence shows that our DNA actually changes shape according to our thoughts. Toxic and stinking thinking changes your brain’s wiring in a negative direction. It throws your mind and body into stress.

The links between your thoughts and your health

Let these statistics sink in:

  • 98% of mental and physical illnesses come from our thought life
  • 75% of all illnesses and diseases people suffer from today point to stress as a factor
  • The association between stress and disease is 85%

Think about this way. Your thinking can lead to stress. Your stress can lead to disease. Then is it no wonder that God considered it so incredibly important that we learn to “renew our minds?” What sort of headlines am I talking about?

You need to quit repeating toxic headlines like “I’m stressed”, “I’m out of shape”, or “My life is a wreck.” It’s time for you to write new headlines in your life.

You can start renewing your mind with good and uplifting headlines.

You have to remember that the headlines of your life all start in your head!

I’ve created a little worksheet I would like to give you. It’s called the “Renewing My Mind Worksheet”.
I hope it helps you to write new headlines in your head!

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Kim Steadman is a wife, mother and proud Meme. She is a recovering workaholic – retired from corporate life to bring her heart, mind, body and soul HOME. She is now enjoying time at home caring for family, writing, gardening, reading, and crafting. She loves to lift others up so that they may discover their true purpose in Christ.




  • Pat Campbell

    Our Bible study tonight reviewed Romans 4:1-6.

    Paul using the analogy of marriage with our relationship with Christ.

    As we nurture love in marriage with the spoken word for one, so we nurture our relationship with Christ with the spoken word. As we stay close to His Word, it frames our thoughts and lifts them up as we realize our identity in him.

  • kimsteadman

    Pat, that is a beautiful analogy to use in regarding to establishing the proper thoughts in our mind for ourselves! Thank you so much for sharing!

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