Torch Burned Wood

Torch burned wood is an easy, fun and beautiful technique to upcycle any piece of wood or board! It’s best to apply to wood before staining or coating with clear polyurethane.  We recently did a small picket fence with the technique.  I have to say using this technique is one of my most favorite techniques/styles I’ve used in a long time!  It truly is easy with the right supplies and every project is so unique because the torching enhances the natural wood grain which is unique to each piece of wood.

This little crate was acquired by my Mr. and he specifically got it because he wanted us to do the torch burn on it.


BeforeBurned Wood Blow Torch Crate

Mr. torch burned the crate and installed the hinges on the lid. I decided I wanted some type of stencil on the top.  We had this iron Texas yard art which we used as our stencil.

Burned Wood Blow Torch Crate

Have I said yet how much we love doing this?  If you have long hair, be sure to keep it back!  Also, keep water close just in case you hold the torch too long in one place and the wood ignites. I also suggest doing this type of work on piece of concrete.  Don’t torch burn indoors!

Burned Wood Blow Torch Crate

Finished lid!

Burned Wood Blow Torch Crate

Almost completed.  We still need to apply the clear polyurethane coat to make it more durable for outside storage and to give it a little hint of shine!

Burned Wood Blow Torch Crate


Torch Burned Wood – Tools For The Project:

The fuel for the fire is this handy little propane tank.

If you think you are going to want to do several torch projects, then I highly suggest this starter add on. It enables you to start the torch with the click of a button, and enables you to hold the torch with the handheld grip, rather than having to hold the entire bottle in your hands…In other words, it makes the job more comfy =)

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