Sum Sum Summertime

It’s Summertime!


Here in the South  Summer time officially kicks off after Memorial Day.  We don’t have to worry about any more cold weather.  It’s time for sandals,  school is out and it’s time to get into a Summer time routine.

When I was a child  Summer time was not just for fun and games, although it was full of that too.  It was a time of special projects.  I always had a book in my hand.  I can’t tell you how many Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mysteries I read through the Summer.  It was also a time of special projects of perhaps a summer job or some special craft project.

Even now as an adult, Summer still invokes a time of “special projects”.  I just completed a 30 day challenge with Brian Tracy.  My goal was to finally write the children’s book I had always wanted write.  Well, I didn’t quite finish, but I learned there is more to writing a book than I ever imagined.  I’ve learned some editing techniques I needed for Microsoft Word.  I’ve discovered a new found passion for photography and I’ve learned there can be a story in a softly falling leaf as it floats through the air.

Nature has the seasons and they fall into nice little 90 day packages (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring).  And while the recent 30 day goal challenge was immensely helpful in building my knowledge and self esteem, some goals need to be long term.  But who wants to wait a year to see something finish?  That is why I like to work on 90 Day Goals and Achievements.

Here are some recent and not so recent tips and ideas that can help you as you create a plan for your Summer time – and accomplishing a goal during the beginning and all through the dog days of Summer.


1. Use a daily calendar

A map not drawn is not a map.  That is how I think about my calendar.  If I don’t write out my days and what is to be accomplished, then I am really just going through my day with no map at all.  I can easily be blown off track by the business of life.

2. Do a daily micro-action

A micro-action is a small action that takes no longer than 7 minutes.  It may cleaning a drawer, folding the pesky basket of laundry that has sat untouched for 1 week, sending a heartfelt card, making a detailed grocery list on the computer that can be easily copied every week.  It’s those “nagging” things that sit in your brain and take up space.  Working on one micro action a day will help you start to feel as though you are in control of your day instead of the day controlling you.  That is a powerful feeling to have and will definitely help you to not feel so overwhelmed.

3.  List on your daily calendar 5 things that you will accomplish before 11am.

Simply, you know what you REALLY need to do each day.  List those high priority things on your calendar and work on them and get them DONE by 11am!  What an empowering feeling you will have to be able to say “I did it!” by Noon!


These are just some very quick and easy things you can do to start feeling you are in control of your days.  You will find yourself on a path for your Summer to be not only eventful but meaningful.   You can read more about these hints in the book “The 7 Minute Solution” by Allyson Lewis  I highly recommend it as an addition to your library if you are ready to start living your life with purpose and meaning.

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