5 Before 11 Tasks

In yesterday’s post I mentioned about the 5 before 11 tasks as mentioned in “The 7 Minute Solution” by Allyson Lewis.

In this video, “Kicking Your 5 Before 11 Into High Gear” a long time user of “The 7 Minute Solution” gives 4 tips that are some critical do’s and don’ts.

Utilize your daily planner and these tips for the next 7 days and I think you will see some results you are looking for.  Now, imagine committing 90 days and you can start seeing some stellar results!

For example, during my last 90 day segment, it was during the middle of packing up our office for a move during reconstruction.  Imagine, my office that I had been in since 2007 and contained everything I had inherited since 1999.  I had a TON of stuff.  But, during my “personal reconstruction” I decided it was time to really go through everything and one of my daily “5 before 11” tasks was to sort through 1  box/drawer/section of files a day.  The end result of the cleaning was that either I knew I absolutely needed it for my current task, found the new owner that needed it, threw it away, or sent it to company archives.   When my 30 days of the “preparing for packing” were complete, I had not only cleaned, but had anything that I didn’t need for the 1 week relocation packed away.  Moving in was a breeze!!  It was a small step daily that led to an overall success!  And believe me, the packrat syndrome was very hard to overcome – but if I can DO it, anyone can!

You know the song “It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere”, well, when it comes to YOU finding your focus, your purpose and your desires and to start living each day moving in that direction…well, “It’s 11 o’clock Somewhere…HERE”

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