Rekindle the flame with your spouse Tip 1 – A small gift

The best thing about getting older
I’m so excited to share with you some marriage advice tips over the next few days. These tips can apply to relationship of all ages, but I really focus on helping the ’empty nest’ spouses reconnect with each other.

On that day that the last child leaves home there are many scenarios I’ve heard about:
You and your spouse are left in the home, alone, with crickets chirping
You and your spouse kick up your heels, turn up the oldies radios station blaring out some “good music”
You and your spouse load up the RV and head out on an adventure of a lifetime

I’ve also learned along the way that sometimes spouses really aren’t ‘connected’ any more. Life was so busy with the kids, work and ‘stuff’ that Dad had been of doing this thing and you Mom had been wrapped up in kids and both of you may had been wrapped up in careers. Along the way your marriage may not be as connected and strong as it could be.

But there is hope! There is ALWAYS hope!

Over the next few days I’ll be sharing with you some tips of you can rekindle the spark in your marriage.

So, come on over to our little “refeathered nest”, grab a cup of coffee or hot tea and lets chat a little bit….


  • Nick #thisyearinmusic

    I often give my wife little presents. Nothing big, but surprise flowers, a book/DVD that she’d mentioned in passing, and I regularly make her playlists for her commute to work.

    You mentioned some other good points here that have given me more ideas.

  • Daniela Pesconi-Arthur

    Oh, my God, Kim! You have a “vlog”!!! 🙂

    That’s so cool! I don’t think I could ever do that… I’m too shy…
    Anyways, I’m here in your blog again! Hubby and I also live in an “empty nest” (if I can call it), the only difference is that we haven’t got kids yet.

    Loved the video!

  • kimsteadman

    Nick! Such a sweety! I am sure your wife appreciates your thoughtful gestures!

  • kimsteadman

    =) Yes, the exciting and crazy world of vlogging. I’m going to be incorporating it a lot during this 30 day blogging challenge. Welcome to my home! Thanks for visiting!

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