A Little Positive Reinforcement

A recent bout with a sore throat found me needing some fresh cough drops.  Instead of the generic brand, I reached for a good, old standard “Halls”.  Much to my surprise, when I unwrapped the menthol goodness, I found a surprise.

Part of the marketing tactic is to include some positive sayings on the wrapper.  Consider that most people, when taking a cough drop, is taking that drop due to a sickness. I thought this was a very nice thing for Halls to do.  We all need a little more positive reinforcement especially when going through a tough time!

I actually took my wrapper and folded it in half to use as a book marker for the day.

It is so important to fill your life with positive words!

And positive actions.

The cough drop wrapper reminded me of some recent reading explaining accomplishing our goals and performing our daily actions.   I don’t remember all the scientific lingo but it goes like this:

Our brain is pliable and the neurons are ever changing.  If we want to accomplish something new or get over an mental obstacle or hurdle, we have to make pathways in our brain.  At first, pushing  those positive words and those positive actions through our brain is like moving through a huge field of grass that his shoulder high.  It will be a tough job.  But, keep walking that same exact path every day and the pathway will beat down.  (In the country, we call those cow paths or coyote paths).

So, as the last 90 days of the year quickly approach it may be time to find some positive words and push through the grass.  There are new pathways to create!


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