A bucket list dream

Howdy folks!

Remember the movie ‘ The Bucket List’ ?

Your list of things you want to do before you die.

16 years ago, I started telling our son some little stories about a mouse family that lived under the house.  Those were private stories between a mother and her young son – helping him to transition to a moving into a new home and  a new routine.

I can still remember the stories but kept them in my heart as “Mom Memories”

But, a month ago, a Facebook friend  told me I should write those stories down and create a little Children’s book.  I considered it a “God-wink” because I had been thinking about it- but it was an unspoken dream I had never shared with anyone.

I started jotting down some of the basic memories of the stories – and a Facebook friend had something happen about some Mountain Rats at her home, which fueled a new idea for some of the story line.

So, a month ago I asked my Facebook friends for some name ideas for a couple of the new characters in the story.

And NOW, I would like to ask you to help as well!

Could you take a very VERY quick survey to help pick out the names!

Please visit my Survey Monkey. I will forever be grateful!

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