Suburban Survival Workbook: Prepare Your Crisis Corner

The Crisis Corner

Suburban Survival Workbook

Prepare Your Crisis Corner Before Disaster Strikes

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Suburban Survival Workbook

Step 1

“I promised myself I would never again be this ill-prepared. As soon as
power restored I started

gathering my thoughts and created checklists.  I created this 67-page workbook  to help me plan and stay organized.

I hope it
helps you as well.”

If the 1991 North Atlantic storm was the perfect
storm, the winter event in Texas during February 2021

was the imperfect
storm. After the nation, and world endured the health challenges of 2020
this storm event was named

Snovid 2021. Frigid arctic air pummeled
across the nation and deep into the state of Texas. In an effort to
conserve the state’s electricity rolling blackouts were implemented.
But, the energy didn’t roll. For millions in Texas it stood still.

one point over 4 million people were without power as record-low
temperatures continued to plummet. The author, her husband, and parents
were part of the number.

“Huddled under four layers of thick blankets
and wearing four layers of thick clothes, I vowed I would never let this
happen to my family again. I used the time to mentally think about the
different checklists I would need. I created my plan to break through
the overwhelm so I could gather and maintain the emergency supplies and
information and I would need.”

This is not a book about homesteading.
This isn’t a prepper’s guide to surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.

This is
a suburban housewife’s immediate plan including checklists and
inventory sheets so she can help keep her family safe and cared for
during a disaster event.

The workbook is sprinkled with anecdotes from
her event along with pictures of some her DIY creations she made so her
family could survive .

Contents include worksheets and checklists:

Learn MoreSub textNon-perishable foods
How to make a roughing-it camp toilet indoors.How
much water to plan for and how to purify self-bottled water
Emergency kit
How to budget weather-proof your homeWorksheets for
gathering contact information, medicine lists, water storage inventory
list, food storage inventory list, password list, a pet emergency list
for your fur-kids, and more!
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