My favorite books about prayer

my-favorite-books-on-prayerIn The Creative Prayer Journal, I write about different creative prayer ideas I’ve used to enhance my prayer life.  Some may appear so simple and others require some heartfelt self-analysisI explain in the book I’m not defending prayer nor am I doing an in-depth theological teaching on the subject.

My walk with God sometimes feels as though I’m walking through the mud, dragging my feet on the pathway he desires for me.  Other times it’s like a blissful, Summer day and I’m skipping through the fields with flowers all around me and butterflies dancing in the sky.  Yes, I’m human, and sometimes I’m not perfect.

There is one thing that I can do daily to help clear the sludge and mud from my spiritual path. My time alone with God not only reading and studying His word, but my precious time talking with Him.  It’s the one thing I can do which refreshes my heart, mind, and soul.

My favorite books on prayer

I want to share with you some of my favorite books on prayer.

First are books by Stormie Omartian books: The Power of a Praying Wife, The Power of a Praying Parent, The Power of a Praying Grandparent, and The Power of Praying for Your Adult Children. These aren’t books that teach you how to pray, but what you can pray. She goes through areas in our kids’ lives and what we can pray over. Sometimes our heart is willing, but our mind can’t come up with the words to pray. Her books guide you through prayer during those circumstances.

A classic book by Charles Spurgeon is titled The Power of Prayer in a Believer’s Life. He was considered by his peers then (and now) as “The Prince of Preachers.” He built the London’s Metropolitan Tabernacle into the world’s largest independent congregation during the nineteenth century. Spurgeon was a great believer, teacher, and passionate in his Holy Spirit-directed prayer. “His word pictures of the majestic throne of grace that God calls believers to be privileged to come before is well worth the price of the book alone. You will be inspired and challenged in your prayer life, especially if you experience struggles in prayer.” When I need to be reminded about the majesty and power of prayer, I go back and read portions of his books.

If you’ve never fasted and prayed, I highly suggest you do it at least once during your Christian faith-walk. God has never failed to move in my life when I pray and fast. The best book I’ve found on the topic is by Jentezen Franklin, Fasting: Opening the door to a deeper, more intimate, more powerful relationship with God

Dear ones, I ask you a simple question. If we don’t pray for our loved ones, who will? You can’t assume someone else will pray for your loved ones or the events affecting their lives.

You must pray.

I must pray.

We all must pray.