The Gift of Forget

This year, give yourself the gift of “Forget”.

Forget the things you didn’t accomplish last year – move to the Future
this year. Make your promises to yourself. Write down your goals.
Move forward to making it happen in Twenty Ten!

Forget the wrongs done against you and move to the Future. Dwelling
on the past is dwelling on something that has already been slept on,
dealt with, thought about, finished, used up, and thrown away. Don’t
let bitterness keep you stuck in the past! Forget it and move FORWARD.

Forget the bad memories. Quit replaying them in your mind’s theater.
Move to the Future with NEW memories.

Imagine your mind as a huge sticky note pad. You know the kind that you
are always writing things on in order to “remember”. Well, make your
“Forget Pad”. Write down things you need to “Forget” so you can move
forward. Write them down and then THROW THEM AWAY! I mean DO it!
Slam Dunk style into the trash can.

Forget and move to the Future of Twenty Ten!

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