Your Prayer Journal-Meet With God

Your prayer journal is your free pass to meet with God daily. There’s not many things in life that are free, so this is one I like to take advantage of!

I hope you are blessed to have some close friends. But, can you imagine having close friends and never spending time with them? What if you only thought about them, and how special they were to you? What if you never met with them to tell them to thank you or to hear how their lives were going?

Sadly, some Christians do that very thing. Despite loving God and having a vast knowledge regarding the Lord and His work, and having Him as their best friend, they don’t get to enjoy a beautiful relationship with their Heavenly Father. Why? Because they don’t talk to Him on a regular basis.

How is it possible to fill the head with spiritual knowledge and our lives with spiritual activities, which are all good, but we don’t nurture the most important relationship in our life?

Prayer Journal Meet With God - Creative Prayer Journal Template

Why You Should Meet With God With Your Prayer Journal

I want to ask you some hard questions, and I would like you to answer truthfully.

  • Is your church attendance only from a sense of duty?
  • Do you pray rote prayers-ones pre-written with no thoughts to your personal needs and wants?
  • Is serving God fulfilling a sense of obligation?

The Bible tells us of people who had personal encounters and met with the Lord. They were energized, and it changed their lives. Moses met God at the burning bush, and his life took a new turn. God gave Abraham a promise, and it charted his life forever. Paul was knocked from his horse and changed his life’s direction.

Each of those people, and more had exciting experiences. While we may all want (or maybe not!) a burning bush experience, we can still have precious, intimate and beautiful times with God.

When we open our whole heart to prayer and His Word, we have the power to hear directly from our heavenly Father. Your personal prayer journal is one tool you can use when you meet with God.


Three Reasons To Meet With God and Keep A Prayer Journal

1. When you go to God expecting to take notes, you are expecting God to do something. You are expecting your heart to hear from God.
2. When you are writing your prayers, your calm your mind and are better prepared to listen. Writing your prayers keeps your mind wandering to the grocery list.
3. Writing in your in your prayer journal confirms in your mind not only that you are praying, but that God is listening. As you are able to circle answered prayers there’s no doubt God hears and listens to you.

In my book, The Creative Prayer Journal, I share 21 creative prayer journal ideas. These were, and are, ways that I creatively pray. They’ve opened up a new way for me to keep a prayer journal and to have meaningful conversations with God.

Are you desiring more meaningful prayer in your life? Would you like to start hearing from God and journal those thoughts and feelings? Pick up your copy of The Creative Prayer Journal today and begin opening the pages to your prayer journal today! When you purchase the book you have free access to a special Facebook Group where we uplift and encourage each other as we creatively pray each day. You can also find me in Facebook at The ReFeathered Nest.

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