Write More Write Now

Write More Write Now is a faith-based group for writers that started as a 21-day writing challenge. But, when the challenge was over, members stayed around for a faith-based writing club sponsored by Kim Steadman. The private Facebook Group is a place where writers of all genres find a place of sanctuary, support, and encouragement. Whether you write for your pleasure or as a content writer for someone else. It doesn’t matter if it’s articles, stories, poetry, songs, or memoirs.

We focus on the heart, soul, and body of writing.

My message to you is simple:

Your words matter. If God puts the desire to write in your heart, the desire is there for a reason.

Success is different for every writer. Own your success. Be okay with it. Don’t get stuck in the comparison trap.

A clear definition of a writer. A writer writes. There’s no special litany of things you must check off before you call yourself a writer. A writer is simply one who can’t NOT write.

I wasted years not writing. I kept the words buried inside. I didn’t let them out. I’m so glad I finally did and do! When my mother-in-law passed away, the last words I heard her say were, “I regret that I never wrote my songs and stories.” That’s when the spark for Write More Write Now birthed in my soul.

As I mentioned at the beginning, I created a 21-day challenge to help writers get to the heart and soul of why they write.

I will continue to shout from the pages, screen, and rooftop as I plead with writers to not live with “writer regret.” When it’s the season to write, write with enthusiasm and passion as a thank you to the Creator who gifted you with those words! But, I understand there are seasons of rest, even when it comes to writing. However, writers usually always write something because we cannot NOT write!

How is Write More-Write Now structured? The same way I structure this website. Spacious and simple. Spacious and simple. You won’t find ads on this site, bogging down the web pages from loading. You won’t find a lot of graphics for the same reason. My soul and mind crave simplicity and open spaces. Thus, it’s reflected on this website, and it’s reflected in my author coaching style.

The goal of my Write More Write Now suite of content is to mentor and coach authors to help you build your confidence to write, publish, and market your books.  Write More Write Now and Kim Steadman, your word shepherd, will minister to the heart, mind, and soul of the writer.

How can I help you?

First, you can join the free Write More Write Now Facebook Community.

In this free Facebook community, you can find:

  • Easy access to Kim’s latest training and resources.
  • Authoring and writing tips to help you be a strategic, organized, and mindful writer.
  • Help in creating the right habits and lifestyle so you can attain your writing dreams.
  • Encouragement, writing ideas and opportunities, prayer, and tips – with a varied community of writers from all genres and writing walks of life!