Using Canva to Create a Book Business Card-Author Hint Series

Today, I wanted to share with you one of my little Author Hints on how to use Canva to create a book business card.

Canva training for authors

First, you’ll need the free version of

Then, watch my YouTube video for the easy instructions! Think about all the marketing capabilities in having a little, mobile bill-board of your book!

Let’s get started!


After you’ve they’re  created, ordered and in your hands, the next step is critical.

The key is to place them in strategic places where your ideal reader hangs out or give them to potential readers face to face. But, please don’t leave a stack laying around where little hands may find them!  For instance, I discovered an author had left a huge stack of author business cards promoting his book at the family hair salon I visited. Alas, kids had taken most of his business cards and were playing with them.  Those beautiful and eye catching cards never stood a chance of making it into the hands of a potential reader!

Remember the motto, “Know your reader” so use those cards to market directly where your reader hangs out.

I hope this helps you fellow authors as you bless the world with your creative gift!


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