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The Creative Prayer Journal

Prayer isn’t magic fairy dust we sprinkle around to entice God or order Him to do something. It’s much deeper than that because prayer is communicating with and hearing from God. It’s our connection to heaven–and the communication line is a two-way street!

Prayer can change your life. “The Creative Prayer Journal” introduces you to methods and prompts used as interesting approaches to personal daily prayer. Many of the ideas were used by the author, Kim Steadman, when teaching children in Sunday School many years ago.  It was upon these old ideas Kim leaned when she was facing spiritual & physical burnout. The creative ideas and prompts will inspire you to restore meaningful conversations with relationship with God.

Do you already keep a prayer journal?

Wonderful!  You will love that the first book, A 21-Day Challenge introduces you to a different prayer prompt each day.
Each subsequent book in the series focuses on one of the methods first introduced.

You’ve never kept a prayer journal?

The ideas in this journal series will introduce you to  different ways to create meaningful conversations with God-beyond the everyday prayer item list

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Who should use this prayer journal

Are you a busy woman who can’t cram even the important things into her daily schedule including daily prayer time?

Do you disengage from praying by becoming bored or your mind wanders with a list you need to do?

Do you find you pray more for yourself than for others?

Is your faith weak and you are looking to prayer to strengthen it?

I have enjoyed your book very much. I have needed this for awhile now. The reason I have enjoyed it the most is because this not a college course that you have all the anxiety and pressure to work thru. I am enjoying this time and I am learning about the way I need to pray. Your ideas are so simple and so easy to follow and I have received peace and less stress and new ways to communicate with God. It is simple for me to understand.

Wayonia Warren


About the Author


Kim C. Steadman is a freelance writer, speaker and ministers alongside her family in Grand Prairie, TX. After working in the private sector for 16 years she felt the prompting to turn her heart towards home. In the empty-nest sanctuary of her little cottage in Texas, lovingly referred to as The Refeathered Nest, along with her husband and fur-child she loves to discover new paper and drawing crafts and creations. She writes with the ultimate mission to encourage women to break the usual mold of success by tuning into God’s design for your life.

She is the voice behind, Denver and The Diary of a Recycled Dog.

When she’s not sweeping dog hair, experimenting in the kitchen, or doodling on paper, you can find her writing, creating prayer journals and mentoring other authors. Kim is a freelance writer, speaker and minister alongside her family in Grand Prairie, TX. She and her husband care-take the family property and acreage which includes woods, fields and critters all of which weave themselves into my writings.You can visit to see what else she’s up to!