The Artist’s Way – Week 5

1. How many days did you do your morning pages? Do you like them, YET?
I LOVE my pages! I forgot my journal this week when hubby and I went to Fredericksburg for a long weekend. Friday, Sat and Sun I tried having “quiet contemplative moments” with myself – no writing. But it was NOT the same!

2. What did you do for your Artist’s Date?
Hubby was so sweet. He let me explore shops and galleries. I was able to have a quiet weekend with HIM, but he let me have several alone times with myself.

3. Did you experience Synchronicity this week? What was it?
I had several moments while we were on this trip. Folks just opened up to me out of no where – sharing with me their problems (bored job, needing extra money, enjoying little home businesses, etc) I was doing lots of talking, and wasn’t even trying to “find” folks – they seemed to be just coming to me.

4. Were there any issues this week that you consider significant for your recovery?
I had an “aha” moment while we were walking the trail up The Enchanted Rock (outside of Fredericksburg, TX) . Well, we were actually hiking up the rock like mountain goats. I paused long enough to catch my breath- and had this overwhelming sense of glee and happiness that “I AM going to achieve my goals (business and personal) and that ME ME ME WILL do it. I AM taking daily steps EVERY day and it WILL happen. I then had big tears well up, but then broke out in a HUGE grin … I then continued ahead to catch up to Hubby…and suggested that maybe only half way would be a good trip this time…the group of college kids passed out up ahead on the slope acted as an indicator that 2 40-somethings that haven’t hiked up such a HUGE rock/mountain, without proper footwear may want to reconsider. We had fun walking back down and seeing the different perspectives of the rock. Everything looked different coming down the mountain – and we passed a growth of grasses that had HUGE amounts of butterflies fluttering around! I LOVE BUTTERFLIES so I attempted to take some pictures.
Butterflies at Enchated Rock

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