The Artist’s Way – Introduction

I’m SO glad to see everyone who is going to join us on this journey!
If you have your book, be sure to read up TO Chapter 1 (at least), but don’t get TOO far ahead of us.

If you have already read the first 2 sections that were assigned, then you have been introduced to the
Journal (morning pages) and The Artist’s Date.

I’ve been practicing writing the morning pages. I am finding I need only 20 – 30 minutes to do this. And, after 3 days I can say I look FORWARD to it. I almost want to call it my “dream pages” because I’m still sleepy and sort of feel like I am writing in groggy state of mind, which I think is the intention – our thoughts are more open and less “structured”.

The Artist’s Date – I don’t want to reveal much here..yet!
BUT, I have started making a list of ideas!

AND, remember if, no WHEN, you are doing your daily 1/2 dozen, the book will count for your 10 pages of reading a self development.

Your Artist’s Date is your “ME” time – I KNOW some of you have little ones in the house, or are working 50 hour work weeks at the j.o.b, or don’t have support from your spouse or family….BUT, TRY YOUR BEST to carve out this 1 hour a day for YOU. Blame it on ME if you have to (for the 12 weeks, after that you are on your own!).

The wonderful part about this forum is if during this self development stage you come across some “difficulties” we can all help each other! There is POWER in NUMBERS!

Ok, off to bed for me so I can wake up early in the morning!

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