The Artist’s Way – Getting Ready

Howdy my fellow Artist’s Way explorers!
We “officially” begin the book, Chapter 1 next week. The plan is we will start the reading of Chapter 1!

For now, some of you have the book and have read your first assignment, The Introduction and the Basic Tools sections. Some of you may not have your book yet, never FEAR! It will be here soon. AND, I found at the author’s website the Basic Tools section is in pdf. You can download it and get that section read if you want to get started. (the file is too large, so I can’t attach it)

Now, at this point – some of you may be having self doubt about whether you REALLY want to do this or not. DO IT!! We will be here together to support each other and this will be very fun. Actually, I’m getting goosebumps about the FUN and INSIGHT this book is going to give ME. (well, the goosebumps may be the fever from my double earaches, but I was having goosebumps before that set in :cool:)

We are going to talk today about the Basic Tools.
Morning Pages and The Artist’s Date.

First, let’s look at Morning Pages. Don’t get stressed about these. They are not suppose to be fancy. They don’t have to be completed sentences or even make much sense. I’m jumping right up out of bed and getting in my chair with my notebook and just blabbering away at myself. I truly don’t even remember what I wrote 2 hours later! You aren’t suppose to! You aren’t writing a novel. These are going to be pages you never look at again – at least for a while she seems to indicate. Don’t even refer back to them the next day. Now, for me, I’m finding it takes me 20 minutes to do 30 pages, but that is IF I don’t have my moment of “zone out”. Since I haven’t had my first cup of coffee or hot tea, my brain is not in it’s speediest mode. On slow mornings, it did take me 30 minutes. One morning, I just wrote a word at a time that popped into my head. It wasn’t even coherent phrases. She said it didn’t have to be sentences, so I took up Julia Cameron at her word.

Now, let’s discuss The Artist’s Date. Don’t let this one trip you up. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it doesn’t have to be long. It does need to be a time you spend on YOU.

* A commitment of time spent on yourself once a week.
* Time spent solely on you — no companions allowed.
* A date with your inner-artist, or your inner-child.

So, for folks that have a blank canvas and no ideas of WHAT they want to do, I’ve been googling and found a lot of suggestions that may get your creative juices flowing:

* Learn Origami
* Learn Calligraphy
* Learn a Dance (You tube lessons)
* Crochet
* go for a bike ride; include the steep hill you loved to fly down as a child
* go to the circus
* go to a large bookstore and use it as your own, personal, book museum; gather arm-loads of books and browse soaking up all the images; leave the books for the staff to put away — that’s their job!

* write a poem
* draw
* make a collage of pretty pictures from some magazines (or pictures of your dream power tools, or cars – don’t want this idea to sound too “feminine”
* take a walk during your lunch break and really notice everything around you listen to your favorite music while sipping on a cup of hot cocoa or cappucino

* take a long soak in a hot bathtub

• browse a craft gallery — the stores that sell what other crafters/artists make
• fly a kite
• make a snow creature (for those that may get snow before our 12 weeks are over.
• take a walk while it is snowing and listen for the gentle sound of the flakes coming to rest, make a snow angel before you go inside for a rest by the fireplace or a mug of cocoa or soup (again, for our cold weather members!)
• color in a coloring book

* Color in the color book but don’t color things in the “NORMAL” color ranges.

• watch a Disney children’s video with lots of songs, like Pooh, Jungle Book, Little Mermaid
• read aloud several children’s books to yourself; have fun creating different voices for the different characters or adding expression to your reading
Buy a HUGE box of crayons and just DOODLE in all colors on a sheet of paper or papers. No pictures, just OODLES OF DOODLES

* Water color with a little water color set from the $1 store.
* Play with Playdo!

• watch the sun rise or set
• go to an art museum or art fair
• meditate to the sound of a water fountain
• buy a hellium balloon and play with it as you did when you were a child — draw faces on it, rub it on your hair to create static electricity and see where you can get it to stick, play volleyball with it, set it free and watch it float up into the air until you can’t see it anymore

Hope this helps and let me say in advance I’m PROUD of all of you! I’m so excited we are taking this journey together!

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