The Artist’s Way – Check in 9/25/09

1. Did you start practicing/doing your Morning Pages. What difficulties did you have doing the pages? Well, I started them last Saturday. I did them every day…BUT, not 3 pages a day because some days I snoozed and only had 15 minutes to write instead of 30 minutes. I can say that on the “short” writings, I felt like I cheated myself. And, it’s funny, but I really don’t remember much of what I have written by the end of the day, lol. Short term memory loss?

2. Did you squeeze in your “first” Artist’s Date? What did you do? Have you planned your next one already? Last Saturday I did my first Artist’s Date. I got a magazine and cut out all the pictures that I liked and glued them onto a pretty piece of construction paper. I had some Spa music going and a candle. Peace and quiet for 30 minutes. I had forgotten how messy an elmer’s glue bottle can be. It was…fun! The picture is hanging over my desk. I have an Artist’s Date Saturday – going to a fall craft fair and then to an old fashioned farmer’s market. The Market is my date. Smelling fresh produce. To some that isn’t much of a date…to city folks that don’t get to see/experience fresh from the farm produce very often, it’s VERY stimulating! Going to buy some vegies and cook!

3. Did one of the quotes on the sidebar really catch your eye? Which one? Why? I didn’t recognize some of the names. I did lots of googling to learn who these “wise” people were.

4. Did your print your contract to yourself? Why or why not? I wrote mine out in my notebook. I thought of it as a “letter to myself”

5. What challenge do you think you will have to overcome to complete this book? My challenge will be waking up at 4:30 every weekday morning. I am NOT a morning person. I will have to go to bed earlier to make up the time, but it’s hard to get everything done after working all day and be in bed before 10:30. BUT, I WILL be better organized (at least for the next 12 weeks) and make it happen.

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