The Artist’s Way – Check In 10/2/09

Check In – Discussion for Week 1: Recovering a sense of safety

1. How many days this week did you do your morning pages?
I did mine 6 days of 7 – and the day I didn’t do it..I REALLY MISSED having that time with myself!

2. Did you do your Artist’s Date? What did you do?
Not yet – the week has been crazy and I am planning on doing something tomorrow or Sunday . I was cleaning my son’s room and found a box of water color crayon things under his bed. I think I’ll put on some pretty music and just play with colors!

3. Were there any other issues this week that you consider significant for your recovery? Describe them….
Oh, wow..Those Time Travel activities were VERY EYE OPENING. I discovered that my Junior High years were full of affirmative actions from teachers. I discovered that my High School Years squashed my confidence. I’m probably JUST NOW in the past year regaining the REAL ME – and these next 12 weeks WILL BE a milestone for my Creative ME!

4. What was your favorite quote from the side bar of the pages?
The one by Susan Jeffers – We have been taught to believe the negative is realistic and positive equals unrealistic. I’ve actually had a friend say something to that degree before…But they were using the statement in a negative connotation – squashing a positive outlook, saying that it was unrealistic. I didn’t like that thought then, and still don’t!! BEGONE THOU NEGATIVITY I say! Negative thoughts are DRAINING, thus I KNOW they are not realistic.

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