The Artist’s Way – Chapter 4

Checking In:
1. Did everyone do their morning pages?
6 mornings, although 3 mornings I only did one page. One morning I slept through my alarm – EEKS

2. What did you do for your Artist’s Date? Well, I ended up not watching Dead Poet’s Society LAST week, so I watched it this week! It was very inspirational! CARPE DIEM!

3. Did you experience Synchronicity this week? What was it? Actually…YES. I had a task removed from my job , out of the BLUE, no warning, they are giving it to another department/area. FINALLY, some things are coming off my overloaded and stressful plate at the JOB! Last night, hubby and I went out to eat…and when they brought us our meal “compliments of the chef and the house, here is a platter of Mongolian Beef”. Lunch is served for today, lol!

4. Which Task did you do? Time Travel – number 2 and number 3. These were “hard” emotionally…made me do some soul searching .

5. Did you Deprive yourself from Reading this week? How long? None? SHARE!:)
This was HARD. Some tasks of my job, well, a LOT of my job entails reading – and there was no way around it. BUT, my personal life – I reduced it by 50%. I didn’t read any of the various forums I read. I ONLY ready FTR Forum. I ONLY read this book. I think I STILL have twitches from reaching to grab something to read, and then slapping my hand, lol.


  1. Hi
    Are you truly inspired by The Artist’s Way? I really want to be but I’m finding it difficult. I started a month ago with the Morning Pages, three pages each morning but now it’s dwindled to just one page. The Artist’s diary – I bought the book The Family by Kitty Kelley. Have to say it’s so far, a good read, and the danger is that i will want to read this through out and forget about the MP’s.

  2. Yes! I AM truly inspired! This book has opened the way for me to do some soul searching. I am daily (and by week) learning new things about myself. I LOVE the morning pages – and find that my 3 pages fill up quickly. I am thinking of doing her second book after the new year.

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