The Artist’s Way – 10/9/09

Week 2 – Discovering a sense of identity
I don’t know about everyone else, but I am LOVING this book!
It’s like every page as something that jumps out at me! And when taking some of the thoughts and principles and applying them to “creating” and building my business- It’s WONDERFUL!

1. Did everyone do their morning pages? I did them every day! BUT, I think I’m getting a new journal for the pages. Using a college ruled notebook – I think I”m doing double “discovery” every day, lol!

2. What did you do for your Artist’s Date? I spent an hour in a bookstore, perusing books! Time passed quickly!

3. Were there any issues/discoveries that you consider as a step towards your recovery? The SMALLEST of improvements in your life, are just that – THEY ARE IMPROVEMENTS. So DO THEM. It’s ok for me to do even small things just for ME. I’ve been so busy being a good wife, mother, employee – that I put me on the back burner. This book is helping me break through that BAD habit!

4. What obstacles are you facing in completing your tasks for each week?
Well, there are LOTS of tasks! I haven’t yet done them all. But I always choose 1 that I do NOT want to do, and then I choose 1 that I DO want to do, and then I do one that seems like it would be fast to do.

5. Share about one of the tasks you completed. Which one did you do? What was your discovery? This week I did the Life Pie Task. I discovered (no surprise) that my life is lopsided. But , now I know by proof of the analysis being ON PAPER what areas I need to fix and equal out!

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