The Artist’s Way – 10/17/09

This is the Week 3: Recovering a Sense of POWER

This chapter starts with a word – Synchronicity
The chapter started with a BANG for me! Something I was thinking about in my head, I got an email about it, and had stumbled upon a website about it. Things ARE synchronized!

1. Did everyone do their morning pages?
5 days. 2 mornings I only wrote 1 pages (because I was sick) seems like any time I need to tell someone an answer that involves a number, I always think of Micheal Clouse and the “small box – only room for a number, not a story)

2. What did you do for your Artist’s Date?
My date is today – While hubby is watching the ‘great Red River Rivalry” football game (Longhorns vs. Sooners) I am going to be in the other room with a bowl of hot buttery popcorn and watch “The Dead Poet’s Society” – I NEVER saw that movie!?!!

3. Were there any issues/discoveries that you consider as a step towards your recovery? Through some of the tasks last week, and this week – I discovered that my Jr. High years were very nurturing outside of the home life. But my High School Years were not. I also have discovered that I LOVE TO WRITE. Which, makes sense since I enjoyed some writing classes in school, duh. But I LOVE TO WRITE.

4. What obstacles are you facing in completing your tasks for each week?
I’ve devoted an hour each morning to my discovery time with this book. 30 minutes for writing, 30 minutes to work on tasks. So far it is working!

5. Share about one of the tasks you completed. Which one did you do? What was your discovery?
Task 1 was about your childhood room – describe, what did you like, try to
put that into your life now…..And I did my task 1 last Saturday morning right after my morning writing pages…
It was 1972 – 1979. We lived a house where my room had this COOL and GROOVY carpet that was pink and orange. My room was SO 70’s, but I still had my canopy bed until I got a trundle bed for sleep overs (I think it was about 1977 when I grew “up” to a sleepover bed) Well, I realized through this task, that any home I lived in there after did not have – CARPET. We moved later to a house that had hard wood floors, and all the houses I have lived in since have been other type flooring but NO CARPET. And I realized in this exercise that I LOVED squishing my feet in the carpet, lol. WELL, part of my 100 Day Boot Camp has been redecorating our son’s room that is away at college into a home office / room for him when he is rarely home. The room has tile – and I decided that I wanted to get a huge shag throw rug for the “office”. So, hubby knew I was already thinking about a rug – and I decided to GO FOR IT and get a SHAG rug – in colors that I LOVE now (shades of blues and browns – very natural and Zen looking) Now, this week I have been like the fool just going in the room and standing on the carpet and squishing my toes around on it, lol. AND, our cat seems to have decided SHE likes the carpet too. I’ve caught her twice sleeping on the carpet, belly up, feet in the air – and she NEVER slept like that BEFORE?!

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