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Coloring Prayer Journal

A  prayer journal designed to be a whole body praying experience by uniting the heart, mind, body and soul as you pray.  The first edition is 30 Days of Praying Over Your Adult Children.

As you write, color and pray this journal it makes a precious keepsake you’ll want to keep.

There are a lot of storms in the world right now. You may find yourself avoiding the news because it's filled with killings, sadness and unrest.   You may have family that have needs - some spoken and some that you carry in the depths of your heart. You may have friends  that are suffering with sickness, death, and what would appear to be insurmountable odds.

I know I do, and my heart aches - and I pray.

Pray, Sister Pray has been my anthem this year…

I encourage you to go to the Rock down on your knees in prayer.

Go to God for your help  when you feel there is no help left. The "Pray Sister Pray" Interactive Prayer Journal will be all about simple prayer time. Your prayer time doesn't have to be long, wordy or a certain number of minutes a day.  It just needs to be a heartfelt time between you and God. Meaningful prayer time. That's what Mom desired and its' why I created this journal.

What's Inside...

This edition of Praying The Scriptures is a 30 day format. Pray, Sister Pray will have an intercessory scripture. There is also a simple prayer format based on the scripture with fill in the blanks.

You'll also be guided each day with my PrayerFULL format that includes the fill in the blanks format. It help keep your pray time guided - and simple.

  • You'll concentrate on an attribute of God.
  • Confess your sins.
  • Pray for others.
  • End the prayer time expressing thankfulness.

I've also included a very simple coloring/doodle section so that you can meditate on the scripture and thought for the day.

What makes this journal special?

I created this journal to help my mom have meaningful prayer time due to her short term memory issues.  However, there are other reasons that may keep you from staying focused during your prayer time. You may be sick. You may be stressed. You may be incredibly busy. Whatever the reasons, there are reasons that happen that seem to fray the threads between your heart and your mind.

I use the format myself just to keep me focused during my prayer time.

I don't think you'll disagree - The storms of life are all around me, you, and our loved ones.

But rather than throw up my hands in defeat and desperation, I'm reminded multiple times daily that God is in the eye of the storm.

We must remember that HE is in control. The winds and waves obey him. The birds of the air are on his mind. He knows the number of the hairs of our head. Our peace, our HOPE, is in Jesus. Our answers are also through Him praying to God.

That's why we must pray.

We must always, ALWAYS Pray  Sister  Pray!

With this prayer journal you will...

  • Pray

    Fill in the blanks as you pray the scriptures in intercessory prayer over others.

  • Intercede

    Pray for  others by filling in the blanks with PrayerFULL format.

  • Meditate

    Meditate on the scripture while coloring an easy coloring & doodle section.

Do you suffer from any of these Prayer Problems?

  • You have a list of people to pray for, but you struggle with what to pray.
  • You feel like you're just always praying for your own needs.
  • You have difficulty engaging in your prayer time.
  • Your mind wonders during your prayer time.
  • Your mind wanders during your prayer time.
  • You can't articulate the right words to pray.
  • You can't remember the last time you had a designated daily prayer time.
  • You're bored with your prayer life.
  • You don't feel worthy to talk to God.
  • You can't remember who you should or need to pray for.
  • You feel like you have impossible needs.
  • You have half-read books about prayer on your book shelf.
  • Your prayers seem like they are self-centered.
  • You don't want a check list of prayer needs.
  • You want to pray meaningful and effective prayers.
  • You want to enjoy praying.
  • You think everyone prays better than you.