Prayer List

Hi. I’m Kim Steadman and I escaped cubicle nation to save my health. I’ve learned a thing or two about managing stress since then. One thing I’m adamant about is that when it’s the hardest to pray, that’s when you need to pray the most.

But, prayer shouldn’t be stressful, or boring, or repetitive. It’s an open and honest communication with our Heavenly Father.

During the most stressful of times, when intimate and personal time in prayer was difficult I still prayed. But, I’ll be honest. Spending an hour in doodle prayers was the furthest thing from my mind. And the thought of creating a beautiful and colorful prayer journal sounded too hard. I was struggling to put one foot in front of the other. I needed to survive. So, to keep things simple I stuck to a list.

Click the button to get my go-to prayer list. You aren’t going to have to enter your email because that’s not how I roll.

When you get to the page, you’ll be able to download my template. But, when you get to that page, I do have another goody for you. For that gift I’ll ask you to trust me with your email =) I promise not to SPAM you or drive you nuts with daily emails. I’m a busy author, and my fingers are usually working on my next piece or mentoring other authors.

Ready? Let’s get that prayer template!



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