Prayer Journal Challenge

7 Day Prayer Journal ChallengeIt’s time for your CREATIVE Prayer Journal Challenge! 

  • Do you find it hard to articulate words when it’s time for you to pray?
  • Do you get bored thinking that you’re praying the same words every day?
  • Does your mind wonder and wander during your personal prayer time? 

Then the Lifter Upper  7 Day Prayer Journal Challenge is for You!


The 7 Day Prayer Journal Bootcamp includes:

  • A creative prayer journal prompt
  • A daily scripture reference
  • An inspirational song to uplift you

You’ll also be writing these prayers in a prayer journal which is an encouraging way to document your prayer time.  

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Just as our nation’s military goes to boot-camp for training before battle, this Prayer Journal boot-camp is to prepare you for the spiritual battle of prayer. Prayer has been an integral part of our family’s life, even before my family came into a personal relationship with him. It was the fervent prayers of my great-grandmother and my great-aunt that finally brought us to Him.

Our nation has 4 different branches of military-a different branch for a different mission. I like to use that fact as an example that there’s no right or wrong way to pray.  In this 7-day challenge I share with you some of my creative prayer ideas that helped restore joy and meaning to my prayer life. You see, I found out I like to pray with different methods and ideas. I want to share some of those with you!

The goal with the Lifter Upper 7-day Prayer Journal Challenge is to guide you to go upward and forward with your prayer life through the power of creative prayer journaling.


The gift of prayer is both wonderful and powerful in your life. By combining creativity with prayer I’ve been able to lead others into a renewed and meaningful prayer life.

We have to remember that this world isn’t our home.  This earthly realm is the enemy’s stomping ground. We as women are here as both ambassadors for Christ and as warriors. Prayer is not only our weapon against darkness, it’s our communication line to our Heavenly Father. As we grow into an intimate relationship with God, we’ll want to spend more time with Him. It’s just a positive circle all the way around!

The Bible tells us in 2 Corinthians 10:4 “for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but mighty before God to the throwing down of strongholds.”



Let’s get started on your own 7-Day Prayer Journal Challenge and your Lifter Upper journey.  


It’s time for the 7-Day Prayer Journal Challenge. Sign up below!

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