21-Day Gratitude Game21 days to revitalize your commitment to living your God given life in a beautiful, designed and delightful way! I created the game to help you to mindfully look to the brighter side of life – your life!

  • The gratitude prompts are listed in an easy day by day list. As a bonus I’ve created a little card deck that you can print, cut out and use.
  • You can do this game with any type of writing medium you want whether it be a new journal (yea! a new journal!!), or an online blog, or even a document you create on your computer.
  • Be ready to spend a few minutes each day appreciating all of life’s little blessings that our wonderful Creator has given you. Remember to write each item on its special day.
  • Play the game fair! No skipping ahead!
  • If you skip a day, you have to back to Day 1 =) I know, sneaky, huh?
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