Get Book Reviews With a Book Review Team With Four Easy Steps

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Get Book Reviews with a Book Review Team. YIKES!

When my author coach told us this, I nearly passed out.  I got the cold sweats. I think of the entire author process, this was the hardest for me to overcome.  There are some realities we have to face.

Get Book Reviews with a Book Review Team

You have birthed your new book, but now you need book reviews on Amazon. Do you know an easy way? My author coach taught me an easy way to get book reviews on Amazon and today I want to share some tips with you. In today’s post I’ll teach you why to have a book review team, how to set up your book review team, and the secret sauce to getting a successful book review.

Why Have a Book Review Team

This is a scary point with some authors. But, according to the book “How to Get Honest Reviews”, getting eyes into your book and then getting the reviews is the critical social proof you need.

An easy way my coach taught us was to set up a book review team. Granted, not everyone that signs up on your team list will actually give you a review. But, neither does everyone who buys your book on Amazon. I think you have a greater chance to get the reviews with your personal review team.

How To Set Up Your Book Review Team

Start with one. That may sound simple, but the wise saying is “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” The journey to a long team list begins with asking one person to review your book. The important thing is to just start.

Next, make this process easy on yourself. Have a system, which is called an autoresponder. There are some free versions available like MailChimp and Benchmark. The system flow is:

  1. Opt-in form on your author website
  2. The potential reader opts in.
  3. You have a follow up email that sends to them automatically telling them which books you have available for review.
  4. They reply back with the title they want to review.
    You then send them a PDF copy or a link you have stored in Dropbox.

The Secret Sauce to Get a Successful Book Review

The secret sauce to your successful team is AAF. Ask And Follow-up.

First of all, ask for reviews. I understand. It’s hard to put yourself out there to the world. Believe me, I totally get it. I’m right there with you. Your book has part of your heart and soul in it. So, it’s hard to ask strangers to read it and review. But, ask not and you get not. Or the reverse could be, “Ask and you shall receive.” <3

Ask folks to give you reviews. Then, follow up with them.

Listen, life is busy. You are busy. They are busy. Many folks sign up with the great and honest intent of leaving you a review. But, they get busy. Your book review team may forget. Maybe the book doesn’t even get read.

First, when I send the book review team the book I state in the email a deadline for posting the review. I should mention here, yes, anyone can leave a review on Amazon even if they didn’t purchase the book through Amazon. However, they have to have an Amazon account and have made any purchases through Amazon at one time.

Second, follow up when approaching the deadline to remind the book review team to post a review. This works best by having an auto email go out about every 8 weeks to your entire list. A simple and friendly email reminder that sounds something like this works well:

“Hey, Book Review Team! This is your friendly reminder to post your review if you haven’t yet! I know life gets busy and things get in the way. If you have already posted your review, then Thank You from the bottom of my heart! I appreciate you!”  (Of course, give the short email your voice with your words)

That’s it! Easy schmeezy. That’s all you have to say. HINT: If if your team is only ONE person – that person doesn’t KNOW that =)

Final Thoughts About a Book Review Team

This was one of the hardest things for me to set up and do. Not because the mechanics were hard. It was because I had to put my self-doubts aside. You may have that struggle as well. I can offer you heart hugs and encouragement to do it. Just do it. Your book is a special piece you created with the gifts our Great Creator God GAVE you. He wants you to share your creativity with the world.

If you’re interested in getting some of the great coaching I’ve received, then I personally invite you to join the authors I’m blessed to know, work and learn with.

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Hugs and feathers from my little nest to yours!

Kim Steadman

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