Bible Art Journaling Ideas

I’m going to share a couple of basic Bible art journaling ideas with you.
Bible Art Journaling Ideas and Resources
I found that I needed to designate a Bible for this journaling experience. At first I was going to be frugal and use one of my study Bibles. However, since it was my study Bible I didn’t want to make any of the words obscure with my art work. That self-imposed limit held me back from allowing me to let my creative juices flow.

Bible Art Journaling-Bible

I found this Bible and really like the wide margins. The paper is strong enough for my pencil and ink drawings I like to do.

Bible Art Journaling-Pencils and Pens

The other things you will want handy are your pencils or pens you are going to use. I like having everything organized in one place. I do other drawing, but found having my designated pencils and pens for my Bible Art Journaling helped me to get to doing the FUN stuff more quickly!

These handy ink pens (not markers) have worked great for me. I like that they are clicky pens and don’t have caps. That helps if I want to take my journaling outside as there are less things to lose. =)

These twistable colored pencils are handy and have become a favorite. First, let me point out the color choices. I’m a colored pencil, pen and marker fanatic. I have OODLES of them. BUT, I find that sticking to the basic colors helps me stay on track with the meditation aspect I want to have when I do Bible Art. I don’t want to get caught up in choosing from 10 shades of blue for my sky. For me, that’s spending too much time on the “mechanics” and less time in the Word. I also like the twisty pencils because it’s one less thing I have to put into my pencil bag-a sharpener.

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