Amplify Your Message Creative Prayer Journal for Writers (Pocket Prayers)

*A special gift for participants of Kingdom Writers Conference Prayer Edition*

Prayer isn’t a magic pixie-dust solution that instantly gives you what you want. Prayer is not like Alladin’s lamp to give you all your wishes.  This isn’t a list of “Pray X and then Y will specifically happen.” 

Prayer just isn’t like that, and neither is creative prayer journaling. 

But, know that prayer is much like marketing your book. You really won’t know the results until you do the action and wait for the results. As someone who’s only been writing “her fun stuff” since 2015, I am not here to tell you that I know everything there is about this thing we call our “writing life.”  

But, this  I do know…

When you get serious about your writing, you’ll need lots of prayer and you’re going to do lots of praying.

In the Amplify My Message Creative Prayer Journal for Writers (Pocket Prayers)

This thoughtfully curated collection of journal prompts is tailor-made for Christian authors, providing a unique blend of spirituality, self-reflection, and creative expression.

Each prompt is meticulously designed to inspire, encourage, and deepen your connection with God while igniting your writing process.

Whether you’re an aspiring author seeking guidance or a seasoned writer longing for renewed inspiration, these prompts will empower you to explore your faith and infuse it into your writing.

  • 35 powerful scriptures to pray over various aspects of your writing life
  • 16 beautiful printable pages so you can create your prayer journal.

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