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Hints & Tips to Fuel Your Creative Spirit

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Boost #1 Contents

The eBook "52 Ways to Boost Your Creativity." The eBook contains 52 ways to crush your creative block and boost your brain cells.  It's like rocket fuel for your brain!

Boost #2 Contents

6 Beautiful & Inspiring Wallpapers. I’ve saved you the time of looking for an inspiring image to grace your computer. You can put these on your device, or arrange and make a slideshow. These beautiful images and wise words will inspire your creativity.

Boost #3 Contents

A short-report called  the” Foolproof Formula for Stimulating Your Natural Curiosity."

Your cat may have a natural curiosity, but sometimes we as humans need a boost of ideas because we get stuck in a rut. I have 9 strategies for you, and guess what?  They work!

Boost #4 Contents

Your short-report  “8 Ways to Fuel Your Motivation” is just the ticket you need on those 'I don't want to' days.

Boost #5 Contents

The last short report is my favorite, and it’s because it’s based on one my favorite book series, The Wizard of Oz. This  report is my 1 hour personal-coaching packet in short-report style. This classic book and movie has much to teach us about the qualities we need to be happy.

(The only folks who see this are the one’s who do personal coaching with me.)


What if?

  • What if one of these boosts pushed me through my blockage and I could finish my book?
  • What if these boosts helped me to plan blog content that helped me serve my readers?
  • What if one boost helped me to advance my career?
  • What if these boosts were the fuel I needed to banich creative blocks forever?
  • It would be worth it.
  • Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus.

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