21-Day Gratitude Game



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21-Day Gratitude GameThe 21-Day Gratitude Game is 21 days to revitalize your commitment to living your God given life in a beautiful, designed and delightful way!

You’ll take 21 days to mindfully look to the brighter side of life – your life! Hint:  This is actually a fun game to have with a group of folks during a Bible Study!

Science catches up with the Bible

I love it when science catches up with the Bible.  The science of happiness is doing just that.  There are scores of scriptures that tell us to be thankful and express gratitude.

But what happens when science studies gratitude and happiness? They find out things like:

  • People gain stronger immune systems.
  • Blood pressure lowers.
  • Folks experience longer sleep and feel more refreshed when waking up!
  • You have higher levels of positive emotions
  • You become more outgoing and feel less lonely and isolated

Now the scripture “A merry heart does good like medicine” means much more, doesn’t it?

What good does gratitude do?

Gratitude helps you to celebrate the present. When our son tried to commit suicide I had to hold firmly to expressing gratitude in order to keep my sanity. Daily Gratitude as hard as it seemed kept me grounded – when I felt like the very ground beneath me was caving in.

The negative emotions and worry that tried to surface were kept at bay with Gratitude. They’ve even found that people that battle with depression can sometimes cure their depression if they become avid followers of expressing Gratitude. I think that’s one of the most powerful things about Gratitude. It actually affects the cells of your body!

Attempted suicide – the birth of the gratitude game

I created the Gratitude Game not too soon after our son’s suicide attempt. I read everything I could get my hands on about Gratitude. I poured over books, through websites and watched videos. I wrote down lots of notes and made it my goal to practice Gratitude more fervently.

And boy did I need it.

The experience of our son’s depression and other life and work stresses – things were piling up. Consequently, I was close to a nervous breakdown!  But, I held on to my Gratitude! It was my firm foundation along with my faith in God and LOTS of prayer that kept me afloat.

But I don’t want  you to have to wait for a critical event in your life to steer you to Gratitude!  Since you can cultivate Gratitude now why not add some zest to your daily journal with some fun prompts?

Let me tell you about the 21-Day Gratitude Game

  • Day by day gratitude prompts.
  • You can do this game with any type of writing medium you want whether it be a new journal (yea! a new journal!!), or an online blog, or even a document you create on your computer. As a bonus, I’ve included
  • Be ready to spend a few minutes each day appreciating all of life’s little blessings that our wonderful God Creator has given you. Remember to write each item on its special day.
  • Play the game fair! No skipping ahead!
  • If you skip a day, you have to back to Day 1 =) I know, sneaky, huh?
  • BONUS: I’ve created a card deck that you can print, cut out and use. You can carry them in your purse, or use them as a game around the dinner table.
  • BONUS: I’m providing you with beautiful 21-day journal pages you can print and use. The pages are in black and white and suitable for coloring too!

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